Arslantürk, by its employees, aims to develop healthy by satisfying the customers and aims to serve products and services with the universal quality and standards. Therefore it aims to be a symbol of solidity, stability and prestige for its country and customers. The aims and principals of ARSLANTURK: To create value for our customers and respond to the expectations by quality and stability is our first goal. To stand behind our products and to be with our customers after sale is our duty. To be the best in quality and service and to save this image in the public opinion is our basic goal.

Our most important capital is our human resource. The quality of our products and services comes from the quality of our human resource. To draw and employ the best employee and the best qualified human resource into our company, to profit by the competence, power and creativeness of our human resource for the best; to improve their performance, to make them able to develop themselves and to create a collaboration and interdependence atmosphere is the way to provide Arslantürk’s progression for generations. Our aim is to create resources for endless progression. To obey to the superior work ethic and principals of operations is our rule.

With the aim of fair mutual interest, in our all relationships, to behave with good will and tolerance and always to obey to the laws and morals is our principal. To fulfill our responsibilities against today’s and future’s generations is our other principal of which we are the pioneers and that we cannot give up. To be aware of environmental protection and disseminate this awareness is our duty for Turkey and the world. We aim to make the Turkish economy stronger from which we get our strength.