The hazelnut trade that had been established by Hacı Sait Arslantürk had been carried on by Dursun Ali Arslantürk and came till 1983 with the adding of cereals, bakery, white appliances and jewelry businesses. In 1983, in the period of transition from trade to industry, the first nut cracking factory started to work. In 1994, our company that closely keeps up with the fast advancing consumption understanding and healthy food approach in the world started producing Organic Hazelnut and became the greatest Organic Hazelnut producer in Turkey in a short time. In 1998, our company, as a supplier for the exporting companies, decided to export itself and became one of the 10 most hazelnut exporting companies. In 2000, by establishing the 2nd Nut Cracking Facility, our company showed to the world that it gained the understanding of institution in this sector. By its developing technology, hygienic conditions and quality understanding, our company is proud of gaining the most modern Hazelnut Processing Facility to Turkey and to our customers, in 2006. From the old times on, always developing Arslantürk keeps on working by the same understanding.